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What Is Your 5000 Year Plan For Your Dynasty? : Breakfast With Alfred

This is not for everybody… but he who haith an ear let him hear.

Your life is just a blink in time on the timeline of human existence even if you live for a hundred years. 

How do you expect your life to matter and make a much more lasting change in this world if you do not have a 5000 year plan?

How can anything you do in your lifetime to make the world better stand against someone who has a plan that keeps unfolding hundreds or thousands of years into the future?

Do you really want to change the world? Do you really want the world to be a better place?

Everything that you are doing can be undone when you are not here if you don’t plan for the centuries ahead. 

Whether the rapture happens before then or not, Still Plan.

Other people are planning and it may not be for the world’s best interest.  




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