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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint : Alfred’s Written Video Game Reviews

The Ubisoft Tom Clancy video game series has established itself in the world of video games and in game history just as firmly as Nintendo’s Super Mario series has.
Naturally, it’s a different type of game and belongs to a different genre than the Super Mario series. However, it rides the same wave of legendary status that the Super Mario series does which is a difficult thing to do; for any game to ride the same wave of legendary status that a game that was there from the beginning has.
Three of the most popular Ubisoft Tom Clancy video game franchises are Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six.
They are all war games with one style different from the other, but the general feel and style of an Ubisoft Tom Clancy game seeping through each game which differentiates it from other war or combat games on the market.

My Take:

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint : Alfred's Written Video Game Reviews
The concept of to Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon breakpoints it’s not exactly revolutionary in anyway when it comes to bringing something here to video games that nobody has ever seen before and was a game changer that changed yardsticks and created new benchmarks.
In as much as the new changes or improvements are not exactly revolutionary, they are however amazing and are sure to get a lot of gamers excited.


The graphics look amazing but it doesn’t actually offer something new or above board what we are used to seeing from games on the PS5.
I would however like to note that the game is also available on Google Stadia; providing the same quality of graphics that’s you can find on the PlayStation 5 directly on your Android device be it your smartphone or any device that can connect to Google Stadia.
I have previously talked about how Google stadia is a game changer in the video game industry. Why would anyone need to buy new consoles when with Google stadia you can actually stream games at the same quality as any present console or future consoles whenever they are made available. It is like having a physical console that forever updates itself for free. All you have to do is to pay for subscription to the gaming service, kinda like a Netflix for gaming and you’re good to go.
If Sony and Microsoft which own the PlayStation and Xbox consoles respectively don’t figure out a way to replicate exactly what’s Google Stadia has done by basically eliminating the cost of updating consoles every year but still monetizing the process enough to finance and increase profits for video game developers and for themselves as well, then Sony and Microsoft will be left behind just like SEGA was left behind and so many other consoles as well that only now stand in the museum of video game history.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint : Alfred's Written Video Game Reviews
– Ability to customise teammates down to the tea. From their clothing and weaponry down to their gender and race.


Sentinels illegally occupy Aurora.
Your team is to support the illegal outcasts.

Social Engineering:

You must understand that all of entertainment from Hollywood to the video game industry is a tool for programming and social engineering.
Even before the days of second world war propaganda videos produced by Hollywood, it has always been that way.
A lot of video games today that promotes the rebel mindsets like the past Assassin’s Creed game and this Tom Clancy’s ghost recon breakpoint game is actually fueling that ANTIFA mentality.
The sentiments, the pro – mob push, the anti – democratic government structure, the push for the destruction of structure and overemphasis on mob rebellion as the only solution. Is Social Engineering.
Such games and themes in entertainment indirectly but intentionally inspire young people’s minds to see a violent uprising by mobs of everyday people as pretty favorable and perhaps the only way to bring about the idea of Change.
When those young people look outside your window the movement is already available waiting for them. It is called ANTIFA.
Keep in mind that it is what happens in the real world; the socio-political movements and the interests of the people that reflects itself in what creators think will appeal to the people in the entertainment products that they create.
After all you have to reflect the times, experiences, and interests of the people you are selling your product to in your entertainment products not just so they can relate to it but also do that they can

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