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Love Conquers All: a collection of love stories for married couples – by Pastor Alfred


Love Conquers All is a collection of 22 clean romantic love stories that are full of wisdom; but not watered down in Romance yet never straying beyond the border of the serenity of family friendly entertainment. Only Pastor Alfred can write like Pastor Alfred. This book would become a Family Treasure to you for generations to come.

For Better Or For Worse: a collection of stories for married couples – by Pastor Alfred


For Better Or For Worse is a collection of 25 romantic love stories that was written for Married Couples. No Married Couple can ever pick up this book without it fanning the flames of the “Forever Love” that made them walk to the Altar in the first place because of the Truth & Wisdom it contains about true Christ – Powered love between a Man & a Woman.


Everyday Is An Adventure: a collection of short stories for kids – by Pastor Alfred


   Everyday Is An Adventure is a collection of 25 short stories for kids. They are stories that would put a smile on your face after juggling a range of emotions within you as you get hooked on the characters and find you relate fondly to many curves in the storylines as though the stories where written specifically for you.
   All the stories promote basic Christian Values and has something all ages can learn from.

   This collection of precious stories also makes for a great gift for your friend’s kids and young relatives too.