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At a time where everybody seems to be making superhero movies because of how profitable it has been over the past few decades, especially with hits like Black Panther and Marvel’s End Game. It is only natural that Hollywood will continue to try to exploit the trend. After all, why put your money in something risky in the name of creativity, while you can put your money in a sure thing at the expense of creativity.
As long as the cost of Hollywood movies keep rising, the path of creativity will be less taken.

My Take:

In a time of wokeness, this movie appeals to certain required criteria; at the same time without annoying the audience and shoving down wokeness down the audience throats.
The woke requirements of minorities and blacks in leading roles and key character positions is definitely checked. However it is not done at the expense of storytelling in this case (at least not obviously).
As for the woke requirement of having somebody from the LGBTQ+ community in one of the main roles, it doesn’t seem that way from the trailer. However, I won’t be surprised if it is so; but on a low key level which will actually help with the reception of the movie as LGBTQ+ virtue signaling isn’t shoved down the audience’s throat as well.


The movie fits into certain black stereotypes and negative trends in the black and urban communities.
Drugs & Pills has been said to make people feel high.
That concept has been played up on in this movie in that there is a drug that has been released into the Urban communities and on the streets where anyone who takes it gets a superpower temporary.
The superpower the person receives is unique to the person so even though it is the same drug. It gives each person a different superpower for a fixed period of time, and that person will have to take another pill when the time is up to get that same super power for another temporary period of time.
Much like cocaine and drugs in the streets in the real world, the drug in this movie also has a side effect. The side effect being it could kill you.

The parallels between drugs in the real world getting you high and drugs in this movie turning into a superhero is typical and stereotypical.
It is the kind of thing you would expect from a so-called black movie or urban movie. Black people are never shown outside of negative stereotypical roles and the plot also has to be around a negative through typical issue. The sad thing is that this type of movies are mainly championed by black actors and producers.
From a marketing standpoint, it is like everyone has been led to believe that if a movie does not have these things it does not appeal to, or reflect, or represent the black community. Drugs, Gangs, Racism, Poverty & Prostitution has to be themes to one degree or the other in so-called black or urban movies.
Black people are casting themselves in negative lights. they complain about negative stereotypes but in every movie and in over 90% of their promoted music they reinforce and champion negative stereotypes.

Notes For Christians:

It is important as Christians that we make Christian movies. Not Christian movies for the sake of making something for the genre, or making things that only we ourselves will watch, nor making movies that are in the same quality bracket with what the world makes Rather making movies that lead the world of entertainment in quality, innovation, and vision.
We should be the ones the world looks up to and aspire to be like.

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