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The Boy Who Couldn’t Ride A Bicycle – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in city just like where you live right now, there lived a good little Christian boy. His name was Tommy. The unfortunate thing was that he was the only kid in his neighborhood who couldnt ride a bicycle. He had been trying to ride a bicycle for 2 years now and has been unsuccessful since. Even his juniors who started learning how to ride a bicycle got the hang of it in months and would sometimes subtly make fun of him about it. Tommy’s friends who were his own age werent subtle about making fun of him however; they just got right out and made fun of him. Tommy didnt like it. It made him miserable and he would often come back from the playground sad each day he went there and go to cry in his room. Something that really stung about it was that Tommy loved bicycles and wanted so much to learn how to ride one but every encounter he had with a bicycle made him an object of ridicule.

One day, Tommy’s Dad caught him crying in his bedroom. His Mum and Dad had been oblivious of what had been happening. It’s not like they didn’t care for Tommy, they actually did a great deal. The thing was that Tommy had gone to great lengths to hide his little curse (as he taught it was) from his parents.

Tommy’s Dad persuaded Tommy to tell him what was wrong.

When Tommy told his Dad everything; his Dad cheered him up and also bought him his favorite ice cream.

Dad told Tommy that he had nothing to worry about that when he was his age he had trouble learning to ride a bicycle too. He told him that all he needed was a good teacher and that bright and early on Saturday morning after family morning prayers and Tommy has done his shores around the house, plus his homework; then he would give him his first lesson on how to ride a bicycle.

When the day arrived and Tommy had done all that he was supposed to do, he called Dad to give him his first lesson. Dad suggested they do it in the backyard. The reason was that so that none of Tommys friends would see them. Even though Tommy did not know the reason why Dad wanted them to do it in the backyard, Tommy agreed. Mum tagged along to watch and for moral support.

When the lessons began, Dad just told Tommy to hop on the bicycle and just start riding. Tommy was shocked, But if I hop on and just try to ride I would fall off, Tommy said. He had been expecting some super smart teaching technique from Dad but this just didn’t make sense to him.

“Do you trust me son?”, Dad asked.

After a little silence, “Tommy responded Yes, Dad.”

“Then trust me”, Dad said.

Tommy got on the bicycle. He started to ride and then he noticed he didn’t fall off. What was going on. It didn’t make sense. Then he turned back to see the reason why. His Dad was holding the bicycle up and running behind him all along. Just Great! What does Dad thing his doing Tommy taught.

DAD, Tommy screamed as he stopped the bicycle. That’s not how to teach someone to ride a bicycle.

Tommy’s Dad simply looked at him and smiled. Then he asked again, Do you trust me?

Tommy was silent for a much longer time this time. Then in a tone that sounded more like a grumble he said, Yes, Dad.

Tommy’s Dad continued teaching Tommy to ride a bicycle by holding the bicycle steady behind him as Tommy rode all around the backyard in a regular pattern. All the while Tommy’s Dad would tell Tommy to adjust his form if he switched away from the proper form. Tommy’s Dad would over and over again tell Tommy all he needed to know about how he should stay and what he should do for different results when he rode the bicycle. But all the time Dad stayed right behind him holding the bicycle steady.

This went on for weeks every time Tommy and his Dad had some free time. Until Tommy got quite used to it, he normally had nothing to worry about because he always knew his Dad would be right there behind him holding the bicycle steady; making sure that he does not fall. Tommy got used to the proper form too so his Dad didnt even have to correct him anymore. The only problem in Tommy’s mind was when was his Dad finally going to teach him how to ride a bicycle? He had been on this same drill with Dad for weeks and it was beginning to get kinda boring.

Another week came and it was routine time again. His Dad held the bicycle as he rode and rode and rode.

After some 15 minutes of riding it was then he noticed that his Dad was standing near his Mum beside the kitchen Dad door. What? Then who was holding his bicycle steady? OH My! Nobody was. Tommy was afraid that he would fall but then it just hit him that how can he fall because no one is behind him holding the bicycle steady, he had already been riding the bicycle for a lot of minutes now without anybody holding the bicycle steady behind him. It was then it completely dawned on him that he could ride a bicycle. Oh My! THANK YOU LORD, JESUS, Tommy shouted in joy and close to tears tears of joy.

LOOK MUM, I CAN RIDE A BICYCLE Tommy screamed out joyfully to his Mum who was joyfully applauding him at his moment along with his Dad who had a very large smile of satisfaction on his face.

Riding a bike is like so many things in life. If we just take the first step, take it one day at a time and be consistent with it. We would improve and develop the confidence we need within us to successfully and easily accomplish the tasks that are set before us.


Jaundiced – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a kid who loved to make fun of people. His name was Donald. He was a very troublesome boy. His parents didn’t pay much attention to him even though he was the only child. His father was always rushing off on one business trip or the other and his mother was always doing something that took top most priority for her with the local women’s club.

One day a new exchange student transferred into Donald’s class in school. His name was James. The thing however about James was that he was suffering from jaundice. That means that he had a medical condition that made his skin and the white part of his eye become yellow.

To make matters worse, James had another medical condition that made the pupils (the black part) of his eyes face the wrong direction so when he wanted to look at someone he had to look in the wrong direction for him to actually see that person properly. So if he wanted to look at you he had to position himself in a way that it would look like he is looking beside you and not directly at you.

James as the new kid wanted to blend in and was hoping to make some new friends on his first day in his new school but unfortunately for him Donald existed.

Donald had found a new prey he would never get tired of making fun of.

Each day James would pray to God to help him blend in then go to school only to be met by Donald and his ill-mannered jokes which stirred up everyone in school to make fun of James. Hence, James returned from school every day in tears.

This went on for weeks and weeks and weeks.

One day, the school janitor found James sitting alone and crying after school when everybody else had gone. He was crying in the small closet where some of the janitors extra cleaning tools where kept.

After the janitor had persuaded James to tell him what was wrong, the janitor talked to James and told him that he should know that God created him and so he has no right to call or think of himself as ugly. Besides, how we look on the outside doesn’t matter, it’s how we look on the inside that matters. Time would most likely steal external beauty from everyone but nothing and nobody can steal your inner beauty from you.

The janitor told James about the love of Jesus about how much Jesus loved him – about how much he meant of Jesus. The presence of God was strong in the atmosphere as the janitor spoke.

James had been in church many times before, in fact he normally was in church every Sunday but he still had never heard the gospel like this. He had never realized how deep Gods love for him was. The janitor ended up leading James to Christ. He also told James not to care about what people think of him; that what is actually important is what God thinks of him. He should come to school bold and brave with his chest out and shoulders high because he has found love and rest in God who loves him. He shouldn’t let peoples making fun of him get to his heart. He should work with the Holy Ghost and keep those words from getting into his heart. The Janitor also told him to fill his heart with Gods word daily and he gave him some links to some powerful daily podcasts by some great and anointed men & women of God that he the janitor loved to listen to.

The next day when James came to school he kept his head high and never let the making fun of him get to him.

Donald was shocked and shaken by this. He tried everything he could but nothing was getting to James.

How could it get to James? He was confident in Gods love for him and his heart was too full of love.

As time went on, students started to respect James for his attitude his courage and confidence in who he was. Donald on the other hand was upset and soon found it a challenge that he became obsessed with to make making fun of James a cool and fun thing to do again.

The more Donald now tried to get people to make fun of James, the more it killed Donald’s popularity and decreased the number of people who liked him while it made people admire James all the more.

A mysterious stranger came to Donald one day and warned him to stop trying to make James life miserable but Donald didn’t take heed he kept trying to make James life a misery and no matter how unsuccessful he was he just kept trying.

Weeks later Donald woke up one morning and when he looked into a mirror he discovered he was jaundiced.

James however was healed by God of the jaundice and the other medical condition with his eyes. Faith for healing had been building up in his heart from all the wonderful Christian podcasts he had been listening to and the atmosphere of faith is the atmosphere for miracles.


Let My People Go – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

  Once upon a time in the medieval ages, a bunch of kids decided to run away from their homes. They dreamed of travelling the world and finding adventure, a better life and maybe even lots of gold.

   After spending some months journeying from one kingdom to the other the tough times made them hit the realization that their decision to run away was more of selfishness and stupidity than anything else so they decided to return home.

   They returned only to find their home kingdom had been conquered by an evil magician and all their parents and all the people of the land had been forced to become slaves.

   The kids were forced to become slaves too.

   One night, Victor, one of the kids had a dream and in that dream he found himself alone in a very large hall. The only source of light in that hall was at the center of the hall were a large beam of light the circumference of an apple barrel shone down from the ceiling way up high above unto the ground. Victor started walking closer to it. When he got right in front of it he noticed a big book on the ground. The light from the ceiling was actually shinning on this book.

   Victor squinted to get a better look at this book that was inside this huge beam of light and noticed words where written on the cover of the book. He squinted even more and saw that the words written were, Holy Bible.

   Victor decided to reach through the bright beam of light but as he slowly stretched his hand to pick up the book, not too sure of whether he should or should not, he woke up from the dream.

   Days later while Victor was carrying out his slave assignment for the day at a construction site he noticed a book which 3/4 of it was buried in the sand. He went to it and pulled out the book. Lo and behold on the cover of the book were the words, Holy Bible.

   Victor started reading and studying the bible. Whether he knew it initially or not God had started teaching and training him.

   Victor read up to the point where he understood the concept of salvation so he said the salvation prayer and the prayer to receive the Holy Ghost therefore he became a born again Christian.

   Weeks had passed since Victor found the bible. He tried to convince his friends about the beautiful things the bible talks about but they all laughed at him and told him that hes going crazy, that all the slave work is getting to his head and damaging things.

   Victor started to fervently pray for the freedom of his people.

   The other kids decided to join a group that planned to run away from the kingdom. They asked Victor to join them but Victor told them that he has dedicated his life to Christ so he now only does only things that God wants him to do so he is going to ask God for direction. If God says he should go with them then he would go but if God says that he shouldn’t go with them then he wont go with them.

   The other kids taught Victor was crazy but Victor went to pray and God told him not to go. Victor came out of his place of prayer and told the other kids that God told him not to go with them so he wont go with them.

   They taught Victor had flipped, but anyway they carried on with their plan to run away from the kingdom but they were caught by the evil magicians men and where punished severely.

   A group of men decided to gather up a lot up people to start a rebellion and even though they normally wont ask boys to join they were hard pressed for more people to fight so they asked Victor to join them.

   Victor didn’t even bother to pray and ask God if it is his will for him to join them, he just bluntly refused. He told them that violence is against Gods perfect will.

   The people were angry with Victor for not joining them and for what they taught was simply talking crazy. Anyway, they went ahead with their plan but they were quickly defeated and locked up in a dungeon.

   One day while reading the story of Moses again, Victor got stirred up in the spirit and figured if God can use Moses to set his people free then God can use him to set his own people free. Victor decided to pray about going before the evil magician and after hours of prayer he heard God tell him he can go.

   Victor went before the evil magician and threw down a rod he had picked on his way in front of him expecting the rod to become a snake but sadly nothing happened.

   Victor looked for a quick plan B, he didnt know what to do. What would he say? Time was flying. Suddenly, he declared to the evil magician that God wants him to let his people go.

   The evil magician laughed and told Victor that Victors God bows before him, that he (the magician) is all powerful and all knowing.

   As soon as the evil magician said that, the whole building started shaking, then the ground opened up and swallowed the evil magician. How dare he say that he is greater than God.

   The evil magicians men on witnessing this all ran away from the kingdom and never came back. Thus Victor’s people where now set free and they all gave their hearts to Christ because they now knew just how awesome God is.


Caught Red Tongued – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a certain pre school, candy was always been stolen from the candy jar and nobody knew who did it. However, kids would be kids and so they suspected little Becky. She was always the last one to leave the class and sometimes stayed in class during recess to read a story book or an academic book.

The other kids suspected that Becky was only pretending to read and that whenever no one was around she would sneak to the Teachers desk and steal the candy from the candy jar. Thus, animosity began towards Becky by the other students in the class.

The Teacher trusted Becky to be a good girl and so she never took action against Becky. However, that only made matters worse.

Becky wanted the animosity to end so Becky spent time in prayer to ask God for what to do.

God gave Becky an idea. It was perfect. It was sure to work. Becky was happy about the idea and thanked God joyfully for it.

Becky went to the Teacher privately and told her the idea. The teacher was happy with the idea and agreed to play along.
The next day, when candy was missing everyone in class turned angrily to look at Becky. But Becky remained calm. She knew all the animosity would all be over soon.

The teacher told all the students to line up in a straight line and as they get to her they should stick out their tongue.

After the exercise, only one boys tongue was bright red. The Teacher said he was the culprit.

Becky had told the Teacher to replace all the candy with a special candy that colors the tongue an unusually bright tone of red. That way, anyone whose tongue is that unusual color would be the culprit the one who had been committing the crime.

Thus, Becky was cleared of all suspicion. All because she has a God who loves her and can speak to her in time of trouble.

Do you have that kind of relationship with God?


What Broke My Heart Of Stone – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place far far away from where you are right now & during a time that looked just like the medieval days, there lived a vicious gang of thieves who called themselves The Hawks. They were quite notorious and anywhere they struck they left people shivering with fear and with all their valuables gone. The law seemed powerless against them and the Hawks just kept on terrorizing the lands without any hope of an end to their reign of terror in sight.

One day, the Hawks decided to hide in the bushes near an old dirt road famous for being the path of choice for rich merchants conveying their goods or profits. They were going to rob as many as they choose to, then go back to their hide out and have a party.

While the Hawks hid in the bushes, the leader of the Hawks whose name was Mathew; soon discovered that something was wrong. It was as if time had frozen and everything but him was standing still. He touched his men but they all remained how they were. He then noticed a butterfly in the air. It just hung there it wasn’t moving. The force of gravity wasnt acting on it and it wasnt flapping its wings either.

What sorcery is this?, Mathew wondered.

Then Mathew turned around to see that someone… something had been standing quietly and watching him all along.

Pulling out his sword, Mathew asked, Who are you?

The figure dressed in all while came a bit closer and Mathew saw that it was an angel. At least the being fit the description of an angel based on the bedtime stories and ancient tales that his mother used to tell him.

I am an Angel, just in case you are wondering, the being said to him as it came a little bit closer.

What do you want?, Mathew asked trying to hide the tiny molecules of fear evident in his voice.

Suddenly, the sword in Mathews hand turned into a bunch of extremely beautiful roses.

Mathew was so scared he screamed and dropped the bunch of roses with the speed of light.

The Angel chuckled a little then went right down to business. He told Mathew that he had been sent by God to tell him to change his ways.

The Angel explained to Mathew the harm he and his gang was causing to others and asked him how he would feel if he was in the position of his victims how would he feel if he was the one who had what he had or all he had taken away from him?

The Angel spoke to Mathew of love, of compassion – of caring for another human soul.

30 minutes later after the Angel had delivered the message from God, the Angel told him that he (the Angel) would be going and he hopes he (Mathew) would take heed to what hes said and change his ways. On saying that the Angel disappeared and Mathew found himself again hiding with his men. He was in the same position he was before time froze. His men had unfrozen and he watched the butterfly he saw frozen in time earlier fly away.

Was it all a dream? Did it all really happen? Was it just a trance of some sort? Was the trance a message from God?

One thing was for sure; even though he felt it was all real deep inside him, he was not about ready to turn a new leaf.

Mathew and his gang carried out their operation as planned and robbed everyone they choose that came down that road. One of the people they robbed was a Doctor, one was a Preacher, one was a Farmer and one was a Merchant.

The spoil of the Hawks was great. They sold all they had stolen that they didn’t need, then they headed home to have a great big party at their hide out.

In the Hawks hide out camp later that night Mathews mother fell very sick. Mathew didn’t know what to do. What could be do, he was living in a camp that’s hidden away from the rest of the world and proper civilization? He had to go into town and fetch a Doctor but it was the middle of the night and some people would recognize him as one of the Hawks. He couldn’t wake up all his gang members this night and tell them to escort him into town so they can threaten a Doctor to treat his Mum. Mathew had to go alone with his Mum and he knew it.

After a few minutes of worrying he came across a solution to his little problem. He was going to have to wear a perfect disguise, as for his Mum she didn’t need a disguise because nobody knew her in the first place, Nobody knew she was related to him.

Mathew headed into town late that night with his Mum. He was wearing the perfect disguise.

When he got to the clinic he noticed the Doctor there was the very same Doctor that he had robbed that very day. The Doctor however did not recognize Mathew.

After the Doctor checked out Mathews Mum he said that the sickness she was suffering from was easy to cure with the right drug, the only problem was that he had been robbed that very day he told Mathew and the drug his mother needed was one of the drugs that the thieves stole. The Doctor told Mathew that it was a sad day and that a lot of other patients in the clinic didn’t have the drugs he had travelled to buy and without those drugs they would die. Mathews Mum would die too without the drug she needs so the Doctor told Mathew just that.

Mathew was extremely sad to hear what he had just heard. It was like someone sank a sharp object into his very soul. The pain the burden, it was just too much to bear.

He might as well have killed his Mum himself. If he and his gang hadn’t robbed the Doctor, his Mum would be taking the right drugs right now and would be on her way to recovery. He had spent a large portion of his life hurting others now he knows how it feels and what makes it worse is he’s the cause of his own hurt. There was no chance of getting the drug that his mother needed seeing that he and his gang had already sold all the drugs and other things they couldn’t use that they had stolen.

Mathew then decided to get his Mum something to eat because she was hungry. It was bad enough that she was going to die but she didn’t have to die on a hungry stomach. Mathew took his Mum to the only decent inn in town so he could buy some food for her to eat. When the owner of the inn came out he noticed that it was the farmer that he robbed that was the owner of the inn. His wife was primarily the one who managed the inn as she was always there unlike him who had to manage the farm also and transport food to the inn and to the market. The farmer did not recognize Mathew because the disguise that Mathew wore was a really good disguise. The farmer told Mathew that there was no food in the inn, there wasn’t even enough food for his family much less any to sell since he had been robbed that day.

That was another jab to Mathews soul. It really pained him. Now he was experiencing the pain he had brought others along with others maybe even more than others. Without food his Mum was going to die quicker. Oh! The thought of it burned in Mathews chest like an unquenchable fire.

Mathew then decided that he would go to the local merchant to buy his Mum a little local pain killer to at least soothe the pain that she was going through. When Mathew saw the local merchant he noticed it was the merchant that he had robbed. The man didn’t recognize Mathew and like the others he told Mathew that he didn’t have what he’s looking for because he had been robbed.

Mathew was so torn on the inside. He had taught previously that he couldn’t possibly hurt any more but now he hurt even more.

Mathews Mum died 20 minutes later. Mathew asked for directions for where he could get the preacher in the town. When Mathew found the preacher he discovered that it was the preacher that he had robbed. The preacher could not recognize him. After Mathew told the preacher that he had come to bury his Mum the preacher told him that he’s sorry that he cannot help. He told Mathew that he had been robbed earlier that day and in other to feed his family he had to sell all the things that were necessary for him to host a funeral service. He said he didn’t see it most likely that any resident of the town would die anytime soon so the most logical thing for him to sell to make up for his loss and feed his family was the materials necessary for him to hold a funeral service.

The preacher advised Mathew to travel to the next town and find the preacher there, that he might be able to help Mathew.

Mathew walked away in tears. Now he knew what pain felt like. Now he knew the experience of the hurt he had made others feel, now that he suffered with them.

Mathew had to travel for miles to another town just for him to bury his Mum.

After the funeral was over, Mathew promised himself that he would change. He would never cause anyone pain anymore. He found a preacher who he told the truth about himself, he became born again. Then he went back to his old gang and preached the gospel to them, some of them repented but some them taught he had gone crazy.

From the members of the old gang that repented, Mathew formed The Good News Squad. Now everywhere anyone goes in all the land they would sooner or later hear the voice of a Good News Squadron openly and proudly preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The Prettiest Dress At The Party – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful little girl named Lucy. Right now one thing was of great importance to her and it was the fact that she didn’t have anything outstanding to wear for her neighbors birthday party and her parents didnt want to give her the money to get one even though they were rich.

Lucy bugged and bugged her parents. She tried everything she could but she still couldn’t get her parents to give her the money for a new dress. She had been bugging them for weeks now and now the party was only one day away.

Your dress shouldnt give you value it should be the other way round Lucy’s Mum would say, Just dress well. Besides you are not supposed to dress better than the celebrant, its good etiquette.

Good etiquette?, Lucy taught. Mum didnt understand the way things work now. Good etiquette is old school. No one cares about etiquette no more. Mum didnt understand that the dresses she (Lucy) wears determines her reputation and without a reputation shes just another face in school.

Hours later, the downcast Lucy sat in her bedroom with her best friend Mary. She complained to her about everything and soon started talking about robbing a clothing store and clandestinely returning the dress after the party. She called it borrowing from the store without permission.

Lucys friend, Mary told her not to think like that. Although her and Lucy where both Christians who had nice Christian parents, Mary was the one who was more prone to make decisions based on the word of God out of the two friends.

Mary told Lucy that she kinda agrees with what her Mum said. She shouldnt depend on a beautiful dress to define who she is. And about stealing a dress no matter what she may want to call it is totally out of the question.

Mary also added that if good etiquette was embraced all around the world that the world will be a much better place socially.

Lucy couldnt believe what her best friend was telling her. It was at times like this that she wondered why she still keeps her as a friend. But still, she had to admit that it was Mary’s solid hold on values that made her such a good friend and the only friend she had that she was 100% sure she could rely on.

When the day of the party came, Lucy couldnt believe she would have to attend it with one of her old but Ok! party clothes. She wore the best dress that she had and stood in front of the mirror. She spun around. She didnt feel it. The dress didnt make her feel like a princess. The more she taught about it the more the dress made her feel small.

Uuurgh! Thats it! Lucy couldnt take it anymore. Lucy waited for just the right moment and then she sneaked out of the house and off she went to the clothing store. The plan was simple: snatch the prettiest dress you see there when no one is looking and after the party return it to where you saw it when no one is looking.

Unfortunately for Lucy, wrong deeds always cost you because you always reap what you sow. Lucy was caught stealing the dress on camera and instead of flaunting a new dress at her neighbors party she was the object of scorn at the party even though she couldn’t attend it. Word gets spread fast in the town especially when it involves a rich little girl whose parents have to come running down the street to bail their daughter out of police custody for shop-lifting.


The Intelligent Boy – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place much like where you Ive right now, there lived a little Christian boy named Samuel but everybody called him Sammy. Today, Sammy was very happy. He wore a large smile on his face & his heart was jumping with joy even though his feet stuck firmly to the ground. He was doing his best to control himself. He was standing in front of his school teacher, surrounded by school mates who love to make a jest of everything.

Sammy had just received a report card. His 1st which had A+s and nothing but A+s in it, in every subject.

Wow! Little Sammy could have let the small drops of water forming behind his eyes roll-out but he remembered where he was, he remembered those around him. The other students wouldnt have understood. They didnt care as much about academics. They cared enough to Pass their exams and just get by, but they didnt care enough to value, strive for, or see so early in their lives the true value for a future that striving for academic excellence holds; & the world of difference it makes between the Getting – By Student and the Excelling Student..
When Sammy got home with his Report Card, his parents where so proud of him. Mum praised him & also thanked God for giving her & her husband a very intelligent boy.

Dad raised him up and tossed him gently & playfully in the air, praising Sammy all the way as he caught him safely once again.

Sammys little Baby Sister who had just learned to walk was too young to understand WHY everyone was Happy, but she could understand THAT everyone was happy & rejoicing. That was good enough for her, she started rejoicing too and making little motions that for a child that just learnt to walk might be called: Dancing …or something close at least.

The whole family went out for a celebration that day. They went to the Everyday Commerce Kiddies Franchise, They went to the Beautiful King Memorial Amusement Park, They went to the City Zoo, They went to the Opera, They went everywhere. But most of all, Sammy got to come back home with the most beautiful new bicycle he & even his Dad had ever seen.

In the days that followed; Sammy played & played & played, & everyone was so proud of him. His parents were always bragging about how smart he was whenever anyone dared to give them the opportunity to do so.
The following Academic Term, Sammy was given a Report Card with all Fs in every subject. It was then that Sammy was hit by an epiphany (a revelation): Being Smart or Intelligent Is Not Who You Are, It Is Only A RESULT Of The Choice (To Learn) That You Made. So When You Stop Learning, Your Intelligence Evaporates Too.

Sammy had spent so much time resting on his past Laurels and assuming it was a guarantee that he was smart & he would always do well. He neglected & underestimated the value of continuously doing what gave him the initial Laurels in the first place.


A Lady Of Dignity – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place much like where you live right now, a little chocolate skin girl named Mary smiled from ear to ear along with every other girl in her class.

The school’s vice principal had excused the teacher and told the class of a once in a lifetime opportunity only open to female students in their age range.

A major wrist watch company was running a campaign among a few select schools from across the country and theirs was among. The wrist watch company was looking for a new face for their TV, Billboard & Online Ads in other to boost their wrist watch brand for little girls in their age group.
Whoever gets chosen gets a 5 year contract which includes a 5 year scholarship package in addition to reasonably priced recurring endorsement fees for that 5 year period.

Students who plan to enter the contest must have a signed permission letter from their parents.

All the girls where excited by the News.

The next day, Mary was the second in line to submit her signed permission letter from her Mum & Dad. She had been so enthusiastic when telling them about it that they had to beg her to clam down several times because they had never seen anyone so worked up & excited about anything like she was.

There was going to be a Talent Show hosted by one of the bigger schools, featuring all the contestants from all over the country. The wealthy owner of the wrist watch company would be there & he would decide who he likes the most at the end of the Talent Show.

In preparation for this, Mary’s school began holding Talent Show prepping sessions during Recess for its students. It wasn’t mandatory for every student but it was mandatory for everyone who submitted a permission letter and intended to participate in the contest.

During the Prepping Session all the girls were allowed to change into whatever costume or attire they planned to wear at the talent show.

A lot of the girls walked out from the girls’ changing room wearing outfits that looked like what their favorite secular celebrities would wear. They where even wearing designer brands of popular clothing lines for girls that either revealed skin or was a little bit suggestive in one area of the design or the other.

It’s the signs of the time. Only a few years ago no one would dare make clothes for little girls that revealed skin, but decades of exposure to indecent presentations of women on MTV, in Movies, in Comic Books, in Secular Magazines, in Cartoons, on Billboards, and On everything else around us; has desensitized us and evaporated the very broad gap between Modesty & Immodesty.

Now parents are the ones who buy their little girls these clothes because they see no difference between Beauty & Sexy; thanks to years of propaganda lead by the fashion industry.

There is now nothing wrong with trying to make your little baby girl look Sexy, and anyone who is against the idea is just outdated and a ‘Judgemental Weirdo’.

If only people knew the obvious: ‘Sexy’ means ‘Sexually Provocative.’

DUH! I mean. It’s Obvious. The word is self – explanatory.

Why would anyone want to teach their daughter to dress ‘Sexually Provocatively’? Why would even an adult female dress Sexually Provocatively? Why would any society that hopes to uplift women make make them respected & honoured members of society prompt them into thriving to dress in a manner that is Sexy (i.e. Sexually Provocative).

A woman should have ‘Complimenting Beauty’ on her mind when in her Beauty Room, not striving to look Sexy.

Little Mary was displeased to see her classmates dressed that way. She didn’t say anything. She had expected the teachers to say something about it but to her surprise none of the teachers saw anything wrong with little girls wearing suggestive clothing. Even the female teachers saw nothing wrong with it.

Mary changed into a Beautiful new dress with commendable designs & patterns but it didn’t show off any skin on any part of her body. Even her knees weren’t showing; unlike those of all the other girls, many of whom wore Short Shorts & Short Skirts to show off their thighs.

None of the girls could knock Mary’s dress but their was something about it that was to strange to them. They looked intensely at Mary’s attire, they couldn’t put their finger on it but there was something very very different about it… Something… Something… Weird!

Then all of a sudden one of the girls said, “My, that is the most Un-Sexy dress I’ve ever seen in my life.”

That was it. That was what was different about it; the girls taught. That was what made it Weird. It wasn’t Sexy therefore it wasn’t Cool. It wasn’t Sexy therefore it wasn’t Beautiful.

“Did your Grandma buy you that dress, Mary?”, mocked another girl with laughter around the edges of each word.

“That’s not cool, Mary. I taught you where Cool”, said another girl.

“You must want to lose the Talent Show”, another girl blurted out. “I can’t believe you are wearing that.”

The place was beginning to get more and more noisy & stuffy for Mary, so Mary shouted at the top of her lungs words she had heard her mother tell her over and over again: “A WOMAN’S GLORY IS IN HER DIGNITY”.

“QUIET!” shouted a teacher who wasn’t paying attention to the girls squabbles, but very irritated at Mary’s screaming. “Mary, if I hear you scream one more time, you’re taking a time out.”

That night, Mary told her mother what happened. She believed in what she stood for but it doesn’t always feel good standing alone and the whole world against you.

Mary’s Mum praised Mary and gave her all the encouragement she needed to forget how it felt when no one stood with her.

Dad came into Mary’s room, and the three of them said their Goodnight Prayer & everyone was off to bed.

The remaining period that passed before the big day, Mary held her chin up & dressed with dignity & grace which matched her actions. She didn’t listen to all the ignorant & unkind words all the other girls had to say about her Un-Sexy dress. That was until someone brought to her notice that the owner of the wrist watch company did an interview two years ago on Bloomberg.com where he defended his decision to invest in a company that makes Sexy clothing for little girls.

A new wave of fear & worry hit Mary.
Satan used that opportunity to really work on Mary. Every now on then Satan would introduce thoughts like, “Only you & your mother believe in dressing decently”.

“There is nothing wrong with being Sexy, express yourself.” “Everybody else is doing it, why don’t you do it too. Dress Sexy.”

Every now & then thoughts like this would come to her mind but each time she would rebuke the Devil using the name of Jesus and then say those glorious words: “A WOMAN’S GLORY IS IN HER DIGNITY.”

The thoughts would stop for a while but later come back.

The worst temptation of all came when the big day was just close by. Satan dropped the idea of cutting holes in all the inappropriate places in an old clean dress she owned. Mum would never know, all Mary had to do was hide the cut – down clothes in her school bag tucked nearly between books while wearing the dress Mum & her agreed she would wear. She would change to the cut-down clothes at the venue, and then change back after her performance.

The temptation was so great this time that Mary ran to her room to kneel down & pray.

While praying the Holy Spirit spoke to her and told her that the sure way to end this particular temptation was to tell her Mum & Dad about it.

Tell her Mum & Dad that she was planning to deceive them? WHAT? That didn’t sound like a good idea but God helped her see quicker why it was the best sure way to end the temptation.

So, with her head down a little bit, Mary told Mum & Dad that she had something to tell them. When they sat down, She told them everything. Every single thing.

Dad broke down in tears. That was the first time Mary had ever seen her father crying.

Mum was lifting up her hands & waving them to God in worship.

Mum & Dad both hugged their little girl & kissed her repeatedly on her forehead.

Mary hadn’t expected this kind of happiness as a reaction in a million years.

Mary’s parents thanked God for giving them such an honest, wise & wonderful child.

Then Mum & Dad introduced Mary to the teachings of Alfred Benjamin King on Victorian Etiquette which they got from the official website of Mr. King’s country club.

After a long talk & watching a lot of entertaining movies & documentaries from the website, Mary was completely turned inside out. No trace of the desire to be unlady like was left in her. It was now impossible for her to ever desire to be like over 60% of the women of today who shun decency & integrity. Mary knew better. She now had knowledge that they lacked. She could now see that those women are slaves of ignorance. It was the women & men of Victorian England who got it right.

Mary now knew how she wanted to live her life. She now had a self-worth & self value as a woman that she could have never had before. She now had an imprinted self value that forbade every fiber of her being & every cell in her body from even entertaining the thought of acting less than a lady. She had now begun to see what it truly means to be feminine. Something that many women today never had because it died before they were even born. It died when Victorian Values died.

That day marked the beginning of a new day for Mary. Everyone who knew Mary noticed the change in Mary’s personality & mannerisms from that day forward.

There was a certain charm about her now that differentiated her from everyone else around her.

Eventually, the day of the contest finally arrived.

When all the contestants were assembled Backstage making their last minute pre-show arrangements, the wealthy owner of the wrist watch company was shown backstage by the hosting school’s principal to receive a surprise prearranged welcome greeting from all the girls.

As soon as the owner of the company stepped into the room, all the girls broke into a specially written welcome chrous. But suddenly a little dog dashed out of nowhere and bit the owner’s leg. It sunk its teeth in and wouldn’t let go.

The singing stopped immediately, everyone was frightened; some people froze while others tried to get the dog away from the now frantic & terrified Business Tycoon.

One of the girls had come to the show with her little dog in her bag. Perhaps it was to help with her act during the Talent Show. Unfortunately, it had slipped out of the bag without anybody knowing and had proceeded to ruin things for everybody by sinking its teeth into the Business Tycoon’s leg & refusing to let go.

It took five whole minutes that seemed like an eternity to get the dog away from the Tycoon.

The Tycoon demanded to know who the owner of the dog is but nobody came forward and nobody volunteered to speak up because none of the girls truly noticed the dog with anyone before, their minds were all too preoccupied with their presentations for the Talent Show.

After the very irritated Business Tycoon looked around and demanded for the owner of the dog one last time, he got so angry and said, “I wouldn’t want any of you future thieves & criminals as the face of my brand, but I guess it would ruin me in the press if I don’t pick one of you. You there!” the Tycoon said pointing at Mary,”You are the only decent looking girl in the room. I PICK YOU.”

It was then that some of the girls including Mary had an epiphany. It was that: when push comes to shove; both consciously & unconsciously even those who encourage females to wear Sexy clothing assume those who aren’t wearing Sexy Clothes are more likely to be honest, decent & more trustworthy than those who are wearing Sexy Clothing.


Insomnia – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place much like where you live right now, a nice little boy felt the weight of the desire to get a good night sleep upon every tired bone in his little Eight year old body. His eyes hungered desperately for sleep but it was as through the ability to sleep had grown feet of its own and walked out of his body, going to God knows where.

Yes! The Desire was there, but the Ability wasn’t there; and it had been that way for the past few days.

His Parents lay awake in their own room. They couldn’t sleep too. It wasn’t that they too suffered from the inability to sleep, it was that they suffered from their son’s inability to sleep. It made them worry. Too Worried, Afraid & Burdened to sleep.

Mum was too afraid to check if her son had fallen asleep. She was sitting up in bed with the room light turned off but the adjustable reading lamps at both sides of the bed turned low.

Mum turned & looked at Dad. Dad could read the look in her eyes. He didn’t need her to say what she was thinking. Everything that was bothering her has been bothering him too.

Dad, understanding what Mum was saying without speaking, started to get up out of bed. Mum placed a soft grateful hand on Dad’s hand. Dad paused instantly. He knew what she was about to say next.

“We’ll both go”, Mum whispered.

They both crept out of bed and tip-toed as quietly as they could to their son’s room.

They both peeped in silently. To their dismay, what they had feared was so. Their little boy wasn’t asleep. He still couldn’t sleep. He just lay back silently in bed with eyes wide open, staring straight at the ceiling.

Mum & Dad quietly tip-toed back to their room. There was nothing they could do. Going into their son’s room to console him would only help him stay awake and not fall asleep.

“What would we do?”, Mum said, with tears now rolling down her eyes as they had gotten back into their room.

Dad kissed Mum on her forehead and wiped the tears away from her eyes like streaks of cotton wool softly run over an open wound.

“Everything thing we can, my Angel, Everything we can”, he replied.
Dad pulled Mum closely to himself like a protective bear trying to shelter a frightened baby bear from all the problems of the world.

Mum’s head sunk into Dad’s chest, and she wrapped her arms tightly around him as an assurance that things would be fine flowed into her soul like a cool soothing breeze.

The next day, Mum & Dad called into their son’s school & told them that their son won’t be coming to school that day. They didn’t give a specific reason to the Teacher over the phone, however the Teacher already knew.

The lack of sleep had showed in their son’s activities & performance in school. All the teachers who cared to know knew what was happening. They had seen it get worse and worse and worse with each passing day.

Mum & Dad spent the next week going from one specialist to another, all the drugs & recommendations they gave didn’t solve the problem. The few drugs that would manage to put their son to sleep would end up creating a terrible side – effect that they would need another drug to take away the side – effect but end up lessing the effectiveness of the previous drug’s ability to put their son to sleep.

It was pure darkness for the family.

They tried psychiatrists & hypnotists reluctantly but the results were even worse than the doctors’.

Mum & Dad started getting frustrated, it began to look like there was no Hope. They all lived the the darkness of jumping from one medical prescription for their son to the other.

It began to look like they would continue that way for all of their son’s life.

They decided to put their son in a special school with other kids with a plethora of ‘special challenges.’

One day, a celebrated Brain Surgeon showed up at Mum & Dad’s doorstep. He knew nothing of their son’s condition. He was in the neighborhood and decided to drop in in his old college roommate.

Dad, being a Gentleman introduced his old college buddie to his wife, brought out the best non-alcoholic wine along with some food, and also resolved not to say anything about his problem.

The talk about fun times & new revelations of Dad’s athletic & wacky adventures put a much needed sincere smile on Mum’s face. There were a lot of funny stories indeed.

Mum & Dad had thought they had done a good job in masking their troubles but a Doctor is a Doctor.

It’s difficult and even almost near impossible to hide medical problems from a Doctor that is in the same room with you for more than 20 minutes. Much less, a celebrated Brain Surgeon.

Dad’s friend cut to the chase two hours later and told them that he noticed they both hadn’t gotten any sleep in weeks and yet they don’t seem to have any other symptoms of someone suffering with Insomnia.

“What is the matter?” Dad’s Surgeon Friend asked, all of a sudden making the room turn cold and changing the whole course of their whole memory lane reminiscences.

Dad took in a deep breath. He looked at his wife. They both knew they couldn’t change the subject. They knew they couldn’t hide it anymore. They knew they couldn’t pretend that nothing was wrong. They had nothing left to do but the tell him the truth.

Dad told him everything.

The Surgeon listened with keen interest.

After Dad was finished, the Surgeon told him that he has some Good News for Dad.

Shifting attention from Dad to Mum, and back; he told them real life story accounts of people who had insomnia that known pharmaceutical cures couldn’t cure, but another colleague of his who is also a Brain Surgeon was able to cure them with a new surgical procedure on the patient’s brain that he invented.

Mum & Dad both saw where this was going. They stopped him before he could go any further. They won’t entertain any suggestion that their little boy go through any brain surgery.

The rest of their time together was awkward, and even though all they knew deep down that they cared for one another, they where all glad when Dad’s friend bidded Mum & Dad good day and left.

Things continued like they always had. The life in darkness continued.
Weeks later, somehow, both Mum & Dads relatives who had occasionally visited & sent consolation cards heard about the Surgeons offer and they where everything from outraged to upset that the offer was turned down.

Mum & Dad’s relatives pestered & pestered Mum & Dad for weeks & weeks, until Mum, Dad and some members of their extended family where directed to the waiting room of the hospital while the little boy was wheeled into the operating room on an operating table.

5 heart – pounding hours later, Dad’s Surgeon friend walked into the waiting room and announced that it was a success.

Everybody jumped & shouted for joy. It took a good while to clam the family down and remind them that they are in a hospital and should try to compose themselves for the sake of the nurses, doctors & patients in earshot of them.

The whole family crowded around the little boy when he was put back into his room in the hospital.

Everyone thanked & thanked Dad’s Surgeon friend and the brilliant colleague of his who actually lead the operation.

The boy was to remain in the hospital over night & to be kept under observation. A safe medical contraption was hooked up to him and customized to monitor him and send a signal to 5 beepers when he fell asleep.

3 of the beepers where given to the family, and the two Surgeons kept one each.

Even though the operation had cost Mum & Dad a fortune, not to mention the risk of the operation itself, but Mum & Dad where both happy that everything was alright now.

Hours later, after some of the extended family had left, Mum & Dad and the remaining family members got comfy in the waiting room. They had managed to get Dad’s Surgeon friend/ College buddie to bend the hospital rules and let them stay until after their child had fallen asleep. Which won’t be long as long as the Surgeon was concerned.

Time past & Time past. Soon, it was morning. 6.00 am in the morning, and their son hadn’t fallen asleep since the surgery the previous day.

When all the doctors arrived that new morning they were all baffled that the boy didn’t fall asleep. They decided to run more tests and try more remedies. Four days past and still nothing, the boy hadn’t fallen asleep.

Mum & Dad where very unhappy with Dad’s Surgeon friend, they’d already wasted enough money, not to mention all the prodding & poking their son had had to endure.

Mum & Dad ordered that the hospital release their son, they are going to take him home.

Some of the Nurses where even pricked with remorse & it showed lightly in how they carried out their duties.

One of such nurses gave poor directions to a Gentleman named Alfred Benjamin King who had come to speak to the Head Doctor of the Hospital about purchasing the Hospital & adding it as a subsidiary to a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical conglomerate his Investment Group recently purchased.

Mr. King found himself in the boy’s room.

The boy was in tears so Mr. King asked him what was wrong.

After the little boy told Mr. King what was wrong, Mr. King told the boy about Jesus, led the boy to Christ & then began to pray for the boy both in tongues and in English; with his right hand placed upon the boy’s forehead.

At that time, Mum & Dad where matching furiously to the boy’s room to take their son, followed in tow by the Surgeon friend trying to give excuses to the couple who where not listening & where quite fed up.

As soon as Mum & Dad opened the door, they saw Mr. King standing over their son, and their son fast asleep.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?”, the Doctor shrieked in surprise.

“Shhhh!!!” hushed Mr. King.”I only said a Prayer” whispered Mr. King.


Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Zimbabwe, there lived a man named Tenny. He wasn’t a Christian man and he hated even the very mention of Christianity. He had a wife and kid that he loved dearly but lately his local manufacturing business was going really slow and he could no more afford to take care of his beautiful wife and his sweet little boy.

Tenny and his wife started arguing regularly over financial issues.There was trouble in their home but both Tenny and his wife were Rooted – Africans, and Rooted – Africans don’t get divorced. Weeks pasted by and business was still bad.

Tenny, like many poor Africans, blamed rich people and the government for what they were going through.

The hatred and laments against rich people that Tenny made kept on growing every single day.

Tenny finally had to pull his kid out of school because business wasn’t moving and so he couldn’t pay the school fees.

In-spite of the fact that he hated Christians, Tenny knew his son had to be educated so like a man who had no choice, Tenny put his kid in a free Christian school sponsored by the generous donations of Christians in America.

The aspect of his sons schooling was taken care of thanks to the Christians he still hated. However, his mounting financial troubles didn’t go away. Tenny now began to think of cheating people in business even though it went against his conscience.

Tenny was still debating on whether he would or would not begin to cheat people in his business affairs, when his son walked up to him one day and confronted him about his hatred for Christians.

Tenny’s son told him that he was told in school that Jesus loves everybody and all Christians are encouraged to love everybody which means that the Christians that he is wasting his time hating actually love him, so he should change.

Tenny’s son also added that they told him in school that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and that he believes that that is the reason the business hasn’t being going well.

Tenny’s son told him that he is failing in business because he is not giving his best to even the minutest detail in every aspect of his business.

Tenny lost his temper. He could’t believe his son was teaching him. He couldn’t believe that his son had the guts to try to teach him.

Tenny beat up his son as though he was beating an African drum. Then he talked his son out of embracing Christianity. Tenny matched to the school the next day and shouts at the principal. He also pulled his son out of the school after making quite a scene no one would be forgetting anytime soon.

Some days later, while working, Tenny pondered over what his son said and laughed over the idea of his son trying to teach him. But after pondering about it some more he decides to give it a shot. He had tried everything else and it didn’t help his business get better, he might as well try what his son said.

Tenny gave his best to the production, marketing and distribution of the product he manufactured; and it turns out that for the first time in a very long time, his entire stock is sold out.

Tenny realizes that there is truth in what his son told him after all. But Wait! Oh No!.. Now he has to un-convince his son that Christianity is bad and also convince the school to take his son back.


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