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Alfred’s Comments: Response To ‘Young Black Educated Queen’ posting a pic saying: Do Not Spend Any Money On July 4th

CBS News:

BREAKING: FBI says no crime committed after noose found in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage https://t.co/ZWFEdzfSV8

Young Black Educated Queen (@AalyiahSo):

Do Not Spend Any Money On July 4th

Do Not Spend Any Money On July 4th

The Black lives matter movement is holding a nation wide economic blackout.

Black people account for 1.2 Trillion in annual *U.S spending.

With just one day of no spending by POC and ALLIES – We could keep billions out of the economy.

Money talks, Let’s speak their language.


Alfred’s Comment:

How much do U think the spending power of Whites & other races is? What is the point of this exercise. What if Whites do what U R suggesting Blacks do & boycott Black businesses. BTW, white Firms support Black businesses. What more do U want?


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