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Alfred’s Comments: Response To Lecrae saying: This is her collection. This is how solidarity starts. This is how change begins


One of my white friends came to me a few years back confused and hurt about a lot of things as far as race in America. She asked a lot of questions. Then took it upon herself to read a book, then another, then another…etc. This is her collection. This is how solidarity starts. This is how change begins. This is how “Love your neighbor as yourself,” is informed.

Alfred’s Comment:

Only one book is needed; The Bible. Read the Bible and treat people how Jesus said people should be treated.
If the Bible is not enough to solve “Racial Injustice” then the Bible is obsolete which makes Christianity a joke because it means the Bible is impotent & powerless.
If God’s advise on how to treat man’s problems with his fellow man has been found inadequate by the Church, then the Church is saying God is not wise; he doesn’t have all the answers, let’s go somewhere else and look for the answers because God doesn’t know what he’s talking about. God doesn’t know what’s best for man. God doesn’t know how to solve human problems of how a man should deal with his fellow man.
Many of the books in this picture that Lecrae has posted are not Christian books. Many of them are not even written by Christians. In fact, most of the authors are against Christianity and don’t believe the Bible is even from God.
What a sad day it is when Christians leave the counsel of the Bible to go and seek the counsel of not just those that don’t know God but those that are against God.
What a sad day it is when Christians who are the light of the world and carry the gospel of Jesus Christ which is God’s answer for all of man’s problems look at the Bible & the gospel as inadequate to address racism and go in research for another gospel to address racism. A gospel of men written by those who oppose the true gospel of Christ.
Has Lecrae himself read all these books he is recommending? Has a third of all the black people in America read all these books he is recommending White people should read to make Racial problems go away? White people becoming encyclopedias of different versions of black history that all tell different stories would not change how White people treat Black people. It would only make them more confused on trivialities of dates & events. A history lesson (or multiple opposing history lessons on the same topic) doesn’t change or improve how one treats the individuals studied and if it does it is only a surface reaction that would be temporary and easy to undo because it didn’t come from the heart.

Who you are in your heart is what determines how you treat others, and what better thing can change a heart than the world of God.

Also it is important to note that many White People (especially Christians) already treat Black People with LOVE and KINDNESS. What more do you want? Why do you think reading all kinds of books about Slavery and White Privilege would help them.
Let’s say a White Christian already treats Black People with LOVE and KINDNESS, after he reads all these books that you’re suggesting how do you want White Christians to treat Black Christians is it not still with LOVE and KINDNESS? Hopefully, you’re not expecting White Christians to bow down and shine the shoes of Black Christians anytime they meet one (literally or figuratively) after reading this book.
Now shouldn’t White Christians treating Black Christians with LOVE and KINDNESS be based on Christ and his word, not on some politicial books on blacks suffering.
What you are only doing is passing down political ideas through the church. You’re only passing down politicial ideas that are not from the Bible or from God to the members of the body of Christ.

What about the Racism by some Black Pastors, So – Called Black Churches, and Black Christians against White Christians? What about that? White People also suffer discrimination from Black People what about that? Why do you never address that?
Charity begins at home. The world may never address it, but since you want to talk about racism in the church you must talk about both sides. It goes both ways. You cannot preach a once sided sermon against discrimination. You can’t say Whites discriminating against Blacks is wrong without addressing Blacks discriminating against Whites and saying that’s wrong too.
Your actions are saying discrimination is Ok! when it’s Blacks discriminating against White.
You’re quick to share a video on social media about Whites discriminating against Blacks to Christians who follow you on social media, but you never share and remain 100% silent on all the thousands more videos circulating online about Blacks discriminating against Whites and even physically beating up Whites because of the color of their skin.
You remain silent on it. It shows you don’t care about White Christans. You don’t care, and White Christians are seeing this. You have brought division in the house of God with a mindset of there are them then there is us inside the house of God.
You don’t see White Christans as your family. You see a “them” and “us” within Christianity.
Just like there was a division in the early church between Jew and Gentile, and it was a them and us mentality within the church which Paul by the spirit of God condemned we see Satan up to his old tricks and this time using YOU to bring a “there’s them” and “there’s us” mentality within the church.
Don’t be Satan’s tool.
Galatians 3:27-29 “For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. [28] There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. [29] And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”


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