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Alfred’s Comments: Response To Isaac Hayes III telling Terrence K. Williams: …You’re a clown for a clown. The negative energy you put out comes back fam. 🙄

Terrence K. Williams:

I’m in Oklahoma City visiting family. My cousins wanted to have fun & asked me to go to a bar with them.

I had to leave because some drunk black guy said “you that Donald Trump N**ga, I’m finna Expose you yo dumb A**”

It’s sad that I can’t have a good time because of my views

Can’t have a good time. Can’t enjoy my life all because of what I believe in. We should be able to disagree and still get along. Stuff like this make we want to stop speaking out but I’m going to continue to stay strong. I’m not going to let the hate break me or change me.

Isaac Hayes III:

Naaaah, you sit online and troll people and tell lies and incite racism and ignorance.

There are a lot of people that believe in Trump and don’t act like you.

You’re a clown for a clown. The negative energy you put out comes back fam. 🙄

Alfred’s Comment:

Isaac Hayes III*, proudly encouraging the public harassment & assault of black people who don’t think like him. A regular Black Thought Police, and U wonder why Terrence treasures freedom from the mental slavery enforced by Dems like you.


Isaac Hayes III. (2020, June 22nd). Retrieved from: Twitter.

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