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Alfred’s Comments: Response To Eshon Burgundy’s post on: Buck Breaking & Sex Farming

Buck Breaking & Sex Farming

Meme posted by Eshon Burgundy:

Buck Breaking – The process where black men where routinely raped by their gay slave owners. Did you know that during slavery in the U.S. gay white slaveholders would buy male slaves to engage in forced homosexual acts? The Buck’s male child was required to watch front row center, so he too can witness his father’s sexual demise and humiliation. The slave master would savagely sodomize the Buck (aka defiant male slave) in front of his wife, family, friends, and children. Buck breaking was the slave master’s very effective tool for to keep all young black slaves from ever being defiant and taking revenge. #LetTheTruthBeTold

Eshon Burgundy:

🤮🤮🤮😡😡😡(deep sigh)
…and that rainbow is a promise not a sex symbol that’s different… -eshon “can’t buy luv”
#StayVigilent #salute #agenda #TheTVBringingItIntoYourHomesNowADays

Alfred’s Comment:

This is the biggest lie about Slavery I’ve ever heard. White Slave Owners weren’t raping men. They slept with the black women not the men. This is a disgusting lie. Sheesh!!! You Crazy.


And you know this is a lie because?

Alfred’s Comment:

… You cannot prove that it’s not a lie. There is no evidence that it’s true. Now a little deductive reason. In those days, people where killed for homosexually. Remember they burnt witches and publicly hung robbers. You couldn’t do anything the Catholic Church frowned upon. Right & Wrong was decided by the Catholic Church, that is why the founding fathers didn’t want that influence of the Church over politics. The Catholic Church directly influenced Europe. Homosexuality meant death. Also, let’s say an exception was made for white Slave masters and their Slaves. Then why did blacks stop being gay. They would have continued after Slavery ended just like the continued everything else they got from Slavery. So homosexuality would have been part of black culture.


You sound foolish. Truth is hard to accept and sometimes painful, but truth is truth. This also happened in Jamaica and I’m sure other parts. So you’re saying because this was done, the black culture would have embraced homosexuality? If anything it would be a reason to oppose it.

Alfred’s Comment:

Actually, it is you that sound foolish. Where have you been? Black Culture is embracing homosexually today. You didn’t see the BLM march for black trans lives in New York? You haven’t seen all major black celebrities embracing the LGBTQ+ agenda today? Is there any pro black anything pushed by the mainstream media that doesn’t push the black LGBTQ+ idea as well? Wake up? Go to every pro black organisation website from BLM to NAACP you would see their special dedication to black LGBTQ & Black Trans folks. As for you not presenting any proof but just calling me names and saying if anything it would be a reason to oppose it, do you know blacks speaking English was gotten during Slavery? Why didn’t they oppose English when they got set free and say it’s the language of our captivity then learn African languages and use that? Why is English language not rejected but a pillar for communication in black culture? According to you they would oppose it because it was forced on them by the white Slave master. Also do you know blacks got Christianity from their white Slave masters too, why didn’t they oppose it? Why didn’t they reject Christianity and Christian traditions like celebrating Christmas & Easter when they were set free from Slavery? Why is Christianity a strong and undeniable foundation in black Culture? According to your reasoning they would reject it since the white man put Christianity on them during slavery. So you see, if anyone is sounding Foolish as you so colorfully put it, it is YOU!


Eshon Burgundy. (2020, June 24th). Retrieved from: Instagram.

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