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Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Full Video, Previous Video Of Encounter With Racist Cop, His Death, The Court Case, …& More – written by Alfred

Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Full Video, Previous Video Of Encounter With Racist Cop, His Death, The Court Case, ...& More - written by Alfred

In recent years, in this era of social justice warriors and keyboard activists there is always a story that dominates the internet that is either used for or against one of the numerous social justice warrior courses like racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, fat-phobia, transphobia, white privilege, and a bunch of numerous new words and things to be offended by that no one person in the world can remember all of them especially the social justice warriors themselves.

SJW’s Take Away Chances Of The Story Causing Positive Change In The World By What They Do With The Story:

Right now the story that is making its rounds on the internet and stirring up social discourse is the Ahmaud Arbery story.
Before anyone even heard the full story, as soon as they saw the footage of a black man being gunned down by two white men everyone assumed what the story was. They choose sides and started battling it out on the internet via social social media.
One side naturally said it was racism because it was white people killing a black guy.
The other side naturally said it was a black criminal thug being gunned down and it was justifiable.
Even without anybody knowing anything yet; sides were chosen, battle lines were drawn, and the online fighting and name-calling started.

Celebrities Championing Supporting Trending Social Justice Warrior Courses For Brand Marketing & Increased Cashflow:

Even famous celebrities like LeBron James got in on the action and started tweeting silly things like black people can’t even go out and take a jug without being hunted down and killed by white people.
The number of other celebrities; often the ones who are known to complain continuously about racial injustice used the story as an example to amplify their usual stance even before the full story had been revealed.
Naturally, one of the ways that one can increase one’s fan base and develop a loyal following as it is with any company or brand is by showing their support for what matters most to the people they want to appeal to.
They are saying to their target audience, ‘the things that matter to you matter to is too.’
They are saying, ‘we are just like you.’ In fact, ‘we are one of you.’
That is the reason why major companies sponsor many sports events and have their company logos on the uniforms of the athletes, around sports arena, on the sports cars, … etc.
It is an effective brand marketing strategy and celebrities now use it more than ever to form bonds with their target audience.
Unfortunately, celebrities have chosen the social justice causes that matters most to their target audience to play the game of ‘we care about what you care about’ to endear themselves to their target audience.
Which is the reason why it is actually financially profitable for celebrities to speak out on trending social justice causes and are even advised to do so by their agents and even by big media executives.
Now it has become something that most fans expect of celebrities, and not joining in to comment on every trending social justice topic to give an opinion that echoes the fan’s SJW beliefs on the issue seems to be saying that you don’t care about the social justice cause that matters to them or you are insensitive to them and it creates a disconnect between celebrity and fan which could lead to celebrities losing some fans when they could have increased their fan base by simply tweeting their support.

The Killing Of Ahmaud Arbery:

Now more information has been revealed we can actually know what happened and have a better understanding of what or who is to blame.
Ahmaud Arbery was killed by a couple of white men who claimed they thought he was suspicious and so they followed him with their car and basically harassed him persistently.
One of the white men was holding a gun so I can imagine Ahmaud Arbery taught the worst was going to happen.
A complicated confrontation with a gun in your hand towards a black man who has been told he lives in a racist world and has probably been treated that way on multiple occasions throughout his life, and who also believes that he would not have been confronted by the two white men in the first place if he was white; would naturally escalate the confrontation into a disaster especially when the black man been confronted has temper issues and doesn’t know how to deal with difficult situations.

All of these factors mixed together will make you see why Ahmaud Arbery rushed towards the men with the gun.
Unfortunately, what Ahmaud Arbery choose to do was not the wise thing to do.
Ahmaud Arbery like many young black men is very quick tempered and not very smart when agitated. That cost him his life.
However, the white man in this case were in the wrong.
Ahmaud Arbery was an innocent black man who was gunned down because of the ignorance, insensitivity, and lack of love for their neighbor that two white men had and probably still have.

The New Video Footage:

The new video footage that surfaced on the internet that shows Ahmaud Arbery in a previous encounter with cops actually shows just how stereotypical, racist, and insensitive that cop is as well as the other cops he called.
First of all, Ahmaud Arbery did nothing wrong but the cop had it in for him.
The cop was 100% sure that Ahmaud Arbery was breaking the law but he just didn’t know which law it was.
First, he started with taking Ahmaud Arbery’s ID.
After the ID was verified that it wasn’t a fake ID, he still kept Ahmaud Arbery waiting.
The agitated Ahmaud Arbery who was clearly feeling discriminated against because he was actually being discriminated against got even more agitated and expressed his anger in a way that a typical black teenager would; he used profanity and kept speaking disrespectfully to a person of authority. (Which he shouldn’t have done).
The white cop who knows nothing about how black teenagers communicate kept making the situation worse, getting excited himself, and started calling for backup.
I must say that I observed that the cop was afraid of Ahmaud Arbery. That fear was born from certain racist stereotypes that, that particular cop has about black people.
Back up showed up and the first cop that showed up proceeded to humiliate Ahmaud Arbery. Treating him like a criminal. Making him get on his knees for no reason.
Note that this is especially humiliating when a white man does it to a black man because of slavery. It brings thoughts of ‘this is what the white man did to my ancestors, now he is doing it to me’ to mind.
It’s not about how accurate or close or far away from the truth that thought it; but that is the kind of thoughts that flows through the minds of many young black men when a white person in authority makes him do something against his will…. especially something degrading … and even more so when the black man believes he is innocent therefore the white person in authority has no moral right to ask him to do that.
There is a lot of relationship between the power dynamics of a cop and person getting arrested, restrained, and taken to a cage (Jail) against his will; vs a Slave Master and a Slave.
Think about it, from the perspective of a black man who has been told all his life that he is a descendant of slaves of the white man, and the white man and the system is still out to get him.

Ahmaud Arbery had already been patted down in search of weapons by the first cop who called for backup and no weapon was found.
After hoping the ID was fake failed, and patting him down for weapons failed, the cop convinced himself that there was weed in the car.
Ahmaud Arbery refused to let him search his car which is Ahmaud Arbery’s right to do so.
The cop went as far as lying that he doesn’t care if there’s weed in the car but he just wants to search and see if there is weed in the car.
The agitated Ahmaud Arbery still refused to let him touch or search his car.
The cop was just fishing for a reason to arrest Ahmaud Arbery.
He ended up having Ahmaud Arbery leave the car there because his driver’s license had expired and the cop was till fishing for a reason or way to still get at Ahmaud Arbery.
He then concluded cooking up an excuse to impound the car and then look for another loop hole in the law to use to search the car.
That is what is in that video. A bunch of racist cops being racist.

After Crying Wolf So Many Times Real Racism Gets Down Played Or Ignored When It Happens:

The thing is that black people have cried wolf so many times that now anytime a white person kills a black person because it’s going to be all over the media and talked about for months, years, or even decades; in spite of how rarely it happens and in many of those occasions it has nothing to do with race but the media makes it all about race. That has made the extremely few occasions where when it is actually influenced by race and the media says it is about race, since the media has lied so many times before and just wants to call white people racist we believe they are lying now also.
The white men in Ahmaud Arbery’s case were influenced by race and stereotypes.
Sadly, because of how many times the media has cried wolf a lot of people don’t take time to look at the case they just want to paint Ahmaud Arbery as a robber and justify his killing.
This of course angers a lot of black people who always scream ‘Racism’ even more. So the circle continues.
Love is cast aside and hatred continues.

The Black Panthers Marching Through The Neighborhood Ahmaud Arbery Was Shot In Holding Guns:

The black panthers decided to march to the neighborhood Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down in with heavy ammunitions.
What was the purpose of what’s the black panthers did? How did it help black people?
There is no positive or reasonable reason for the black panthers actions. All they did was create an even greater divide between whites and Blacks, and create even greater racial tension than was there before. Not just within that neighborhood or within the city but all across America among every white man that they felt a certain kind of way towards black people.
Now many of them will go beyond feeling a certain kind of way towards black people to feeling that black people are a treat to society, their race, and America itself.
The black panthers stunt also proved that any idea that blacks are been oppressed by whites, or blacks have to live in fear of whites, or that white privilege exists; are all nonsense.
If blacks are been oppressed by whites or blacks live in fear of whites; how can the black panthers then march through a so – called racist white neighborhood with the goal & expectation of creating fear in the hearts of every single white person in every home in that neighborhood? …How?
If anything they proved that black people have a lot of liberties in America that even the white man doesn’t have.
The black panthers also proved that they should be Trump Supporters not Democrats because only Trump wants American citizens to be able to have guns like that. The Democrats want to take away guns from every single citizen.
In the Gun control debate where are the black panthers and where are the black people who support the black panthers.
They give their allegiance to a party that want to take guns away.
Now they prove that it is important for black people to be able to have guns and heavy ammunitions.
Unfortunately, the same people will turn around and hate trump and vote for the Democrats who want to take their guns away.
The black panthers ruined any positive message black people have to say and must say at the time like this because now the black panthers put themselves in a position where they will been seen to represent how all black people feel and what stance black people take. Which is not a stance of peace, but a stance of hate and animosity.

The Solution:

Each side sees the other side as the enemy, and since no side has decided to collectively see the wisdom in loving their enemies as the scriptures say. They are both refusing the solution which is to love the other side no matter what. Then as the scripture says, what you sow is what you reap. If you sow love you will reap love. If you sow hate you would reap hate.
Right now both sides are sowing hate.
Also, Cops who do not understand how people in a community communicate and if they do not care about their sensitivities they should not be allowed to be cops to people in that community.
White cops need to understand the sensitivities of black people and be trained to serve black people not lock up black people.
Cops need to understand and have the mindset that the laws were not made to make people slaves of the law, but the purpose of the law is to protect the people and make the people feel safe.

What I saw in that video is a cop using the law to oppress a man not protect a man.
The cops are supposed to protect Ahmaud Arbery not be oppressor.
The fact that police released a link to this video thinking it will make Ahmaud Arbery look bad shows how big a problem their is. A lot of cops apparently think it is Ok the way Ahmaud Arbery was treated in that video. It’s Sad!

Ahmaud Arbery’s Instagram:

The link to the Official Instagram page of Ahmaud Arbery:


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