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The Online Friend Who Changed Her Life Forever – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in South Africa there lived a little girl named Peggy. She was the only child of a hard working Christian Mum. Peggy’s Mum really didn’t have a lot but she was definitely moving forward. She had a lot on her hands but she always made out time for her only daughter whom she loved with all her heart.

Peggy’s Mum had just installed a family computer in the house. She was still getting used to it but one of the first things she had to make sure of was that her and her daughter would be safe from the evils online. Peggy’s Mum got a Tech – Guy to help her out with making the computer family friendly and safe.

After the Tech – Guy finished doing his thing, Peggy’s Mum, being a smart woman did her own research on internet safety. She didn’t read all the technically stuff since she wasn’t trying to get a PHD in internet safety, but she read all that she could get her hands on that gave information on what a regular person should know about online safety.

After doing a lot of research, among the things that Peggy’s Mum told Peggy about using the internet was that she should never visit and join a certain social network site called, Friends & Foes Connect.

The softwares and all the other stuff done to the computer didn’t block out this site because it had no dirty images. It was just a friends site.
Now, Peggy’s Mum had allowed Peggy to visit other friends site because she said it was safe. It was only the ‘Friends & Foes Connect’ website that she was not allowed to visit.

Peggy didn’t care, she was a good girl. She enjoyed the internet the way it should be enjoyed – without the garbage.
One day, Peggy went to school only to find out that almost every student in school was actually on the site.

Peggy ignored the site for weeks until a student in her class chatted with a Hollywood celebrity who was also on the site and the student kept bragging about it with no end.

Peggy couldn’t let the opportunity of chatting with a Hollywood celeb pass by so she got on the site going against her Mum’s instructions.

With time Peggy became friends with other people on the site and one day she accepted an invitation from a kid she met on that site to meet with her in person at a certain location.

Peggy didn’t tell her Mum this – she couldn’t tell her Mum about her up-coming meeting because it would also mean telling her Mum that she joined a site that she clearly told her not to join.

Peggy went to met this girl who was supposed to be her age at the specified location but instead Peggy noticed that she was all alone with a big muscular guy. The guy kidnapped Peggy and sold her as a slave to another country.
Oh! if only Peggy stuck to obeying her Mum she wouldn’t be a slave right now working for a slave master under extremely brutal conditions this very moment as we speak.


The Gang Leader – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a teenage boy named Duncan. He was very rough and wild but he loved the fear, the controversy and the criticism he stirred up wherever he went to. He was the leader of the 16th most feared gang in the city. They weren’t the worst but they were pretty bad.

However, everything was about to change for Duncan. He was about to die. He was staring down the gun of a barrel and considering what he had done to the guy holding the gun in the past, there was no way that he wasn’t going to pull the trigger.

They say at such moments your entire life flashes before your eyes but all that flashed in front of Duncan’s eyes where the few stories about Jesus Christ that he had heard as a little boy in Sunday school. Then he remembered his Grandma’s favorite line: Whenever you are in trouble you can always call on Jesus and he would be right there.
For some reason, Duncan just screamed out, “Jesus if you save me I promise I would serve you for the rest of my life.”

The trigger was pulled but nothing happened. It was pulled again and still nothing happened. The guy holding the gun was dumbfounded. He had heard Duncan’s little pact with God. He didn’t want to believe that his strange occurrence had anything to do with it. He looked at the gun closely – it was the same. He pointed the gun at a dumpster nearby and pulled the trigger. It fired


Well, whatever it was that was the problem with the gun is over now. He can now continue where he left off. He pointed the gun back at Duncan, smiled and then pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. What? He didn’t stick around, the smile vanished from his face, he dropped the gun and turned and ran away.
Duncan just stood there. He was panting like an exhausted dog and was sweating like an ice cube.

He fell on his knees and right there and then he gave his heart to Christ.

Duncan goes to a Pastor the next day and joins a church.

Later he went to his old gang to tell them he was out. Normally, that meant a good beating. But he was the leader, he sincerely didn’t know how it would go.

When he told them they wanted to beat him but they are too scared. He was their leader.

Well, he used to be. They were accustomed to seeing him as the wild vicious Duncan. The didn’t want to try him. He was the one that taught them everything they knew about the kind of life they lived.

One brave but about to be sorry soul throws a punch at Duncan, but Duncan catches his hand in mid air and pushes him to the floor.

If it was somebody else they could have rushed him. But it was Duncan. They let him walk away quietly but shouted insults to him as he walked away.

Days later one of Duncan’s new Christian friends tell him to preach to his old gang but Duncan refuses.

Later, Duncan feels the Holy Spirit leading him to go back and preach to them. He struggles with the Spirit’s leading but later he yields.

When he approaches them at their old hangout they are like what are you doing here?

He says to preach.

They tell him to go away, but he begins to preach anyway and they just ignore him.

He preaches on love and about how his heart is now full of love because of Jesus. He told them how he is in a new brotherhood, a new family, but as he was speaking; the girl friend of one of the gang members them with her baby in her arms and says a few cross words to the baby’s father. Then she gives the baby to the father and walks away.

Not less than 3 minutes later, a car rolls up and a hand holding a gun comes out the window. The guy holding the baby was busy concentrating on his baby and he didn’t see the car coming. Duncan jumped at him; pushing him to the ground while shielding him at the same time. Duncan gets shot in the process.

When Duncan wakes up he is in the hospital surrounded by family and friends but most surprisingly; the old gang is there.

The one whose life he saved said,”We all gave our lives to Christ and are leaving the gang life behind. If you can risk your life to save mine because of the love Jesus has put in your heart, then Jesus must really love me.”


The Forbidden Book Stack – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little girl name Sandra. She grew up in a home that had all the wonderful material things that life had to offer. Sandra’s parents weren’t Christians but they were the kind of people whose Christianity went only as far as ticking Christianity anytime they filled a form that asked about their religion, also if they were really bored on Christmas day because what they had planned to do wasn’t as satisfying as they might had anticipated, then they might stroll into any close by church they see that looks good from the outside.

Sandra on the other hand liked to go to a Church near their house because: she had friends there, she enjoyed the sermons in the Children’s church, she taught the teacher there was fun, but most importantly she wanted to have a relationship with Jesus.

Sandra wasn’t forced to go to church and she was only allowed to go to church as far as her personal maid escorted her.
One day, Sandra’s Mum walks into Sandra’s room and finds her reading a book for grown ups. Sandra’s Mum collects the book from her and tells her not to read such books that she’s too young to read such books. She tells her that anytime she sees a book, movie or music CD with a warning on it indicating that it is for adults she should stay away from it because the information in it can ruin a younger audience.

Technically, anything that can ruin a kid can ruin an adult, but Sandra’s Mum didn’t know that. What she knew, even though it wasn’t 100% correct was quite helpful and it was what she had just told Sandra.

Sandra however felt that her Mum was just being a Mum. She underestimated how intelligent she was. Surely, anything an adult can handle she can also handle. So Sandra still went ahead and read the books behind her Mum’s back. Most of the books belonged to her Mum and her Mum would stack them in her own personal wardrobe which was different from her husband’s wardrobe.

The books didn’t contain unclean images but they contained a certain percentage of inappropriate language.

Sandra could hear a voice in her head telling her that she shouldn’t continue reading the books, that the books are not good for her but Sandra casts the voice aside and continued to sneak into her Mum’s wardrobe to pinch books as long as they weren’t one of the ones at the very top of the various rows of books.

Sandra enjoyed reading the books and hiding them under her pillow anytime she heard her Mum’s footsteps coming towards her room for a lovely & fun Mother – Daughter chat.

One day, Sandra talks to her friends in school about what she read the previous day. The next thing you know everybody was calling Sandra a rotten girl. Next, she is in the principal’s office with a very angry principal calling her parents.

Guess who ended up getting spanked later on big time at home?

Next time, when Sandra is given instructions she wouldn’t think it’s wise to disobey.


The Fool That You Knew Me To Be Yesterday Is Not The Person Standing In Front Of You Today – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little 12 year old boy named Ryan. He was a whole lot closer to 13 than 12, and he loved the fact his age was growing so fast. He only wished that it could increase. He was a lot taller than most kids his age and he loved to lie to people who didn’t know him real well that he was a much older in age than he actually was. He hated being looked at as kid or being called a kid. As far as he was concerned he was a big boy and he wanted to act and be treated like one.

Ryan came from a well to do home. He had a loving single parent Mum and had no reason to complain about needing any material thing because she was rich. Ryan and his Mum were only Christians but title but not from the heart.
Ryan loved Hip Hop. He watched MTV in his room everyday and his Mum didn’t brother to talk to him. To her, he was just listening to music.

Ryan happened to go to a school which for some reason had the rich, the middle class and even the poor in abundance at the same time. It wasn’t normal for a school to have that kind of blend where all 3 social classes where strongly represented but Ryan’s school had it.
Even though Ryan belonged to a rich family he decided to make friends with some poor kids who loved and lived Hip Hop. They were cool because they were Hip Hop and Ryan just had to be among the cool kids, as far as he was concerned that was were he belonged. When Ryan’s Mum found out about the kind of friends he’d been making, she tried to get him to stop being friends with them. To Ryan that just meant that she was trying to stop him from being cool. He wasn’t going to have that. He wasn’t going to stop being cool. Being cool and Hip Hop is who he is and if she is trying to take that alway from him, she is trying to make him not be himself. Ryan stood his ground and no matter what his Mum did, he was not going to leave his new friends. Things got so bad that he soon went head to head with his Mum and insulted her. He told her that she was old and mean as far as he was concerned. She just couldn’t understand. Ryan and his friends soon begin to skip school, sneak into high school parties, freestyle on street corners and do other things that poor kids who are into Hip Hop do.

Ryan’s Mum now had to take her relationship with God seriously. All that she could do now was pray. She had tried everything else that she knows to do and it only seemed to push him away.
One day, Ryan’s friends told him to come with them that they wanted to do something really cool and daring. They took him to a train track and told him that they are going to jump on bullet trains as the pass by at full speed just for fun. Whoever can stay on the train the longest would be crowned the winner of the game.

At first Ryan and his friends had fun enjoying the thrill, the danger, and the excitement of jumping on bullet trains and holding on to the sides but things quickly go south when Ryan’s foot slips and he falls flat on the train tracks. Thankfully, he had tried to jump on the back end of the train and not the front end of it. I hate to think of what would have happened if he fell in-front of the train.

All of Ryan’s friends ran away and abandoned him.

Ryan was later seen lying unconscious on the train tracks before another bullet train could arrive, by a good Samaritan who rushes to his aid and takes him to the hospital.

After Ryan woke up in the hospital he knew who his true friends were. The scales had fallen off his eyes. He knew that his true friends weren’t the ones who suggested that he do something stupid and when things went wrong left him there to die. He now knew that choosing to listen to those kind of people over his Mum was pure foolishness.

Ryan cried and begged his Mum for forgiveness. He also made a decision to take his walk with God more seriously. He was going to stop listening to Hip Hop too. From now it’s straight gospel blues, gospel rap, gospel R’n’B and traditional gospel for him. He was not going to have any of that MTV poison anymore.

God had healed the relationship between Ryan and his Mum. He was going to be an obedient son and not a potential source of heart attack for his Mum.

Later, when Ryan had recovered enough to go to school he ran into his old friends. They didn’t even ask him how he survived or said that they were glad he was alive, they just asked him if he would like to hang out with them.



The Rude Boy – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time somewhere in Europe there lived a 13 year old boy named Edward. He was extremely rude. He was rude to his teachers, his fellow classmates and even his Mum. His Mum did everything she could to change him but Edward just wouldn’t change. It was like responding inadequately to whatever anyone especially his elders said to him gave him great joy.His attitude made him noticed at school.

Rudeness gave him popularity. Being rude made him feel superior and so he liked it.

Edward’s Mum got on her knees and prayed for a miracle. She tarried all through the night and she later sowed a heart felt seed of half her salary into a Christian orphanage.

Edward left a week later for a scheduled field trip with the rest of his class. The school was going to take them to a different part of Europe that none of them had visited before for them to learn about history.

Due to the fact that Edward was rude to everybody, nobody really liked him including the cool group that he was the head of who pretended to like him.

When the field trip was over and everybody got on the bus and the teacher asked if everybody was on the bus, everyone including the cool group said Yes! even though they knew that Edward was not on the bus.

By the time Edward realized the bus was leaving, it was too late. He was quite a distance away from it.

He ran after it but it was soon out of sight.

Edward tried to get help from the locals in this strange part of Europe that he didn’t understand but the people were rude to him and nobody agreed to help him. He was slowly becoming frustrated. He was getting hungry and none of the locals seemed to care about him. Fear gripped his heart, he was afraid he might starve to death and if he didn’t starve to death just yet it was getting dark. Where would he sleep? Clearly, none of the locals would care to help him.

However, Edward kept on trying and trying for hours but each new person he met was rude to him.

He now realizes how being rude is cruel when you are on the receiving end. That just makes the person in the giving end pure evil. Is this how it feels when he is rude to people?

Edward then makes up his mind that he would never be rude again.

He kept trying to get help but still nobody would help him.

Edward got on his knees on the side of the dusty road. He looked up to the heavens and closed his eyes. He said the salvation prayer and accepted Jesus into his heart. He also made a promise to God that he would never be rude again.

Edward felt different. He felt free. He knew something had changed inside him. He even felt love inside him. Love like he has never felt before.

Edward asked God to please help him get back home.

God told Edward to try being nice to the locals around him. Edward obeyed and all the people grew fond of him. In no time somebody helped him out and he was on a bus headed home with a bus ticket some of the locals had paid for.

Immediately Edward arrived home, he ran to his Mum and hugged her. Then with tears in his eyes he said, “Mum I’m sorry for all the times I’ve been rude to you. I would never be rude again. I promise.”


The King’s Heir – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a 12 year old prince, his father was sick and his mother had long passed on. All he had left was his 21 year old elder sister, the princess Sophie. Now in those days there was great injustice towards women and women weren’t allowed to have a say in any matter. Their opinions were basically regarded as less than trash.

As the King lay on his dying bed he surprised everyone by saying that instead of giving the crown to his son because he is the male child, he would give his two children an assignment and whoever performs best would have his crown.

The King’s assignment for them was quite unusual. He spilt his kingdom into two, his daughter was to take one part and be it’s sole ruler while his son was to take the other part and to be it’s sole ruler. They would be allowed to do anything they want and at the end of one week whoever impresses him more would get the two kingdoms which he would join back into one.

Thus the prince and the princess set off to impress their father.

The Prince even though he was young got generals together and they arranged for the army that was under his charge to go and start conquering everything conquerable. He was certain that he father would be impressed that even though he is just 12 he’s showing incredible leadership skills and extraordinary vision plus courage.

Princess Sophie on the other hand did things differently. She was always closer to her mother than anybody else and her mother always loved to teach her lessons with stories from the bible. The story of King Solomon had particularly struck her and made her understand the importance of wisdom.

So now instead of conquering cities or doing something typical of a supreme ruler in those days, Sophie went to the royal library to study.

By the middle of the week Sophie was full of ideas to make everyone under her charge prosper, and so quite naturally by the end of the one week period her people were 20 times more prosperous than they used to be.

When the prince and princess went before the King for assessment, the King analyzed things and told his son that in going out to conquer others he only conquered two cities and lost more men than the sum total of all the remaining soldiers in his city. He had created war in a kingdom that previously had peace by taking his people to fight others to increase the kingdom. Besides being a King is not about inflating your power and thus your ego. It is about serving and protecting your subjects.

The King applauded the princess however for seeking wisdom, and for understanding that it is the most important thing for a leader to seek so that he or she can lead properly.

The King also commended her for making those he put under her charge 20 times more prosperous.

And so, the princess won. She became the king’s successor – the leader of both kingdoms combined; including the new cites her younger brother had just conquered.


Praise Him Through The Midnight – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a city called LA, there lived a young Christian woman named Jennifer. She had been a Christian since her junior high school days and now she was a grown woman who was active in her church and an inspiration to all those she came across. She was now a mother and unfortunately her husband had died while fighting for the US in the war in Iraq. She was left alone to take care of their baby. Well, it had been a few years since he passed so even though she still missed him and he would always be alive in her heart she had moved past the grief.

Jennifer however was facing a new crisis right now. She was behind on a whole lot of payments. The bills just seemed to keep rising and rising and to top it off it seemed like in other for her not to loose the house she would have to add one more job to the two jobs she already held. Now that would mean a single mother working three jobs and taking care of a little baby girl. Now that’s difficult – I mean really really really difficult. Being a single Mum on its own is difficult enough but adding three jobs to the mix plus church activity is a whole other story.

Jennifer took on the challenge not because she wanted to but because she had to. Sadly, it didn’t solve the problem of paying her bills because the price of things went up. Gas prices went up to almost two times the normal price. Electricity bills went up a notch and prices of items in the Grocery Store went up much too. The US economy was going through a down time. So even though Jennifer had increased her income, the prices for her usual expenses had gone up too so Jennifer couldn’t get the benefit she had anticipated from a third job.

However, she knew that she dare not lose the third job now because she would not even be able to maintain her previous standard of living.

In any case, the third job came with its stress problems.

Within months Jennifer was sick and in the hospital. She had to over pay a lady in her neighborhood whom people spoke well of to take care of her baby; in the lady’s home. Jennifer could barely pay for her hospital bill and within a few weeks if she didn’t get out of the hospital she would be flat broke. That would live her with no where to go, she had no living relatives. What would become of her? The fear of the unknown tormented Jennifer every night on her hospital bed. Some times at midnight she would cry and cry and cry. Her medical condition was getting worse and even though the doctors avoided saying it directly you could see that the sickness was developing into something worse – much worse. Something that is a lot more serious than a stress related illness. Something deadly.

Jennifer tried out calling up people. She did all that the people of the world would suggest should be done but still nothing helped. Things still looked darker ahead.

One day while Jennifer was staring out the hospital window from her hospital bed she saw a sparrow. She observed the bird for a few seconds then suddenly like a soft but precise bolt of lighting she remembered what Jesus said in Matthew 10 : 29 – 31 that, “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”Jennifer meditated on that scripture and she smiled for the first time in a long while because her heart wrapped afresh around the truth of that scripture. She had nothing to worry about. In-spite of how bad things looked God was in control.

He’s numbered the strands of hair on her head. He cares about her that much. He cared about her so much that he sent his only begotten son to die on the cross for her. Why should she worry? Why? There could never be a reason good enough for someone who is confident in God’s love for them to ever worry.

Something special had happened insider Jennifer. Something inside Jennifer had changed. Jennifer’s heart was so full of joy and gladness that she sang praises to God quietly on her hospital bed. And by midnight – a time she normally couldn’t sleep and she stayed awake crying, she was singing songs of praise and worship to God and later on she slept like a baby without a care in the world. She had laid all her burdens at the feet of Jesus.

The next day, the Pastor along with friends from church came to visit her. The Pastor said a prayer of faith for Jennifer and instantaneously she was healed. Everybody rejoiced and praised God. The Pastor used that opportunity to pray for a lot of patients in the hospital. Even the nurses pleaded with him to go to all the wards and pray for the sick. They were seeing results right before their eyes and no one could deny that the presence of God was in the place. The local news media should have covered it but certain evil people in certain places had long placed restrictions to prevent the televising of such things on local news networks.
Anyway, that day was a glorious day for everyone especially Jennifer who was kind of responsible for how glorious the day turned out all because she learnt to praise God through her midnight season. Someone also taught her how to map out her income into percentages for spending, charity and investing. And with a friend from church acting as a free financial planner/ advisor, Jennifer was out of debt and flowing in excess after she started investing in Real Estate & Government Bonds. And she did it without working three jobs, just only one.


My 1st Drink – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Jamie was 12 years old. He lived in the city of Port Harcourt with his single parent Mum and his little sister, Vickie.

Jamie’s Mum always did her best to raise Jamie and Vickie with good moral and also Christian values. One of the things she often emphasized especially to Jamie, was for them to never drink or smoke.

She emphasized that point more than she emphasized anything else.

There happened to be quite a number of care free University students in Jamie’s neighbourhood. Jamie admired them; the way they talked, the way they moved, the clothes they wore. In fact, Jamie was crazy about everything they did. They were the big boys in the hood. Jamie wanted to be just like them someday.
Jamie did all he could just so he could hang out with them but they always pushed him away.

After a few months of Jamie’s persistence, the University students started warming up to Jamie and they settled for using him as an errand boy.
Jamie did not tell his Mum any of this, not because she was busy working two jobs but because he knew she would tell him to stay away from them.

With time, the University students started treating Jamie like he was one of them and not a 12 year old. Soon they pressured him into drinking. He didn’t want to drink but he didn’t want to not look cool more than he didn’t want to drink. He drank two bottles of beer in a beer parlour with them and he got very high.

Jamie’s sister Vickie, found out her brother was at a beer parlour via a popular online social network. She fought against believing it but after looking everywhere and calling some of her brother’s friends that were her brother’s age, she decided to match to the window of the beer parlour in question and peep inside from a safe distance to see if she would see her brother. She was appalled when she saw her brother. She immediately barged into the beer parlour and tried to get her brother out but he couldn’t even recognize her.

The guys in the beer parlour threw Vickie out as they laughed out loud at her. They too were drunk.

Vickie returned with some young family friends to get her drunk brother out of the beer parlour.

The guys who threw Vickie out previously, got violent. So the people Vickie brought got physical to restrain and calm them down.

In all the commotion, Jamie being drunk taught that his little sister was the leader of a gang that was looking for trouble. The alcohol was messing with his mind and in his blurred vision he saw his little sister as a strange short dude who was trying to kill him. So Jamie lunched out at Vickie with a knife and stabbed her to death. He killed his own sister. He was under the influence of alcohol. He didn’t know what he was doing but what’s done is done.
Jamie was sentenced to life imprisonment.

His 1st drink had cost him everything. A price he would spend the rest of his life paying.


To Rat Or Not To Rat – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in the city of Port harcourt, a classroom full of students stood silently staring at the school teacher with a cane in his hand. He was very angry and was going to punish a student but he didn’t know who or so it seemed.

Somebody had played a practically joke on the teacher by pouring some smelly sticky goo on his sit.

The teacher stood there asking them who it was.

James was a Christian boy. He like all the other students in the classroom knew who it was but the question was would he talk. Talking would make him a rat. Talking would make the other kids tag him as uncool. Talking might make the other kids stop talking to him.
James decided he won’t talk just like everybody else.

If the teacher was going to give them all capital punishment so be it.

James then remembered a sermon he had heard in church. It was; “It’s better to walk to heaven alone than to walk to hell with the all the friends in the world.”

That’s when James knew what he had to do. He knew he had to do the right thing. He told the teacher who did it.
Oh! now he was going to get it. Now after the teacher punished the guilty student James would he hated by his classmates.

However, James was suprised that it was all a plan by the teacher and James’ classmates to test James’ honesty and integrity. He had passed and from that day on he was held in high regard by all the teachers who heard of it and the students too.

So you see, it pays to do the right thing.


Valuable Junk – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a teenage boy named Jason. He used to belong to a middle class family and used to be a fun and happy Christian boy. All of that changed when a hurricane hit his city and he was the only survivor in the city. Now he lived in another city where he didn’t know anyone – he didn’t know what to do – and didn’t know how to get help. He was a boy that now had to become a man.

The tragedy made Jason mad at God. He had always believed in God before, but now he was so angry that he felt like not believing in God anymore.

However, he knew that, that would be stupid because he had witnessed miracles before and he couldn’t lie to himself that everything around him didn’t have an origin.

Since Jason couldn’t go with not believing there is a God because of how stupid the idea is, Jason went with being angry at God for not preventing the tragedy.

He had never being more angry with anybody else in his life.

Jason had been living on the streets like the homeless; a group that happily welcomed him into their fold. He lived off dumpsters like them and with time got an understanding of how his new homeless friends said the streets worked.

He now understood that the only way out for him was to sell drugs. It was either selling illegal drugs or remaining a homeless person living off dumpsters all his life. His options were really limited.

The idea of selling drugs made Jason sick to his stomach. Even though he had made the decision to hate God, he still knew how dangerous and evil and disgusting selling drugs is – he had seen the damage drugs caused in the lives of people who used them but Jason started to feel like he doesn’t have a choice.

Jason was still pondering ‘whether to’ or ‘whether not to’ days later, when a street preacher met him. Jason tried to shoo the street preacher away. He did every terrible thing he could think off in other to get the street preacher to go away but the street preacher still remained.

Jason gave up trying to get the street preacher to go away. He might as well listen to what he had to say.

The street preacher started telling Jason about the love of God and about how strong God’s love is for us.

This just made Jason a whole lot more angry and he shouted at the preacher, “WHERE WAS GOD WHEN MY ENTIRE FAMILY WAS KILLED BY A HURRICANE?”

Jason proceeded to tell the street preacher all about his life history and told the preacher to show him how he can see the hand of a loving God in all of this.

“Can’t you see?” the preacher asked, “Can’t you see it has kept you alive through all this? Based on what you are telling me you have survived insurmountable odds. Odds that it is quite irrational for you to have survived, yet you are standing here today without a scratch on your body. Can you not see that his (God’s) hand has kept you alive?”

Jason was dumbfounded. He couldn’t challenge the preacher anymore. He knew that it was a miracle that he survived. A miracle that only God could have performed.

The street preacher told Jason that concerning his entire family passing away so tragically, he shouldn’t blame God for it – he shouldn’t blame God for their deaths. God didn’t kill them. If God wanted to kill them wouldn’t he have just killed them rather than waiting for or summoning a hurricane to do it?
Natural disasters happen only to complete the circle of nature. Evaporation must take place before condensation can take place. Natural disasters are just natural effects of other natural things that happen that are not disasters but things in nature that we appreciate. God doesn’t not intend anyone to die in natural disasters, and what happened in Sodom & Gomorrah was not a natural disaster it was a divine verdict after a divine judgment.

The street preacher spoke some more and ended up leading Jason in a prayer for the repentant back slider.

Jason told the street preacher about the financial dilemma he was having before he showed up.

Obviously he couldn’t choose selling drugs now, selling drugs is no longer and option.

The street preacher told Jason that no matter where ever you are in life you can always become a success. It doesn’t matter if you are a homeless person in America or a child solider in Africa, you can always become a success and move forward in the world if you give your life to Christ, make wisdom your best friend and live in all holiness as best as you can. If you would only be on the look out for a way to serve people you would find your path to success.
After the street preacher left, Jason pondered over what he had said concerning anybody being able to become a success. He later got it.

Jason began to keep his eyes open for human needs and also pick up books with positive topics from the dumpsters not only food. He also stopped drinking really cheap beer with the other homeless people and would move away from them anytime they started to talk about girls.

One day while raiding a dumpster, a man showed up who clearly hesitated to throw away what he wanted to throw away, not because Jason was standing there dressed as a homeless person but because of something else.

Jason eventually decided to ask him in a friendly manner if anything was wrong.
The man explained that what he wanted to throw away was a priced possession. It meant a lot to him because of it’s emotional value to him but it meant nothing to anyone else. He told Jason that his wife had told him or more of ordered him to throw it away. If only he could put it in a bank he would be happy.

That was when it hit Jason, he could start a bank – ish operation that keeps things for people that has personal value to them but no value for anyone else so is worthless to the banks therefore the banks won’t accept.
That man was his first customer. Over time word spread that there was a guy who could safe guard your precious to you worthless to everybody else items. It turned out that there was a lot of stuff people didn’t want to let go but could use a replacement. Things like their Granddad’s old rocking chair that was now too old to even sit on too long without breaking it yet it held too much emotional value for some family members.
Jason’s new business grew and he soon employed the other homeless people.

While the other’s used their salaries to buy too many clothes and now expensive beer they could afford, Jason used his profits to finish his education. His choice to make wisdom his best friend like the street preacher told him to had made him make that wise move.

10 years later, Jason’s Valuable Junk business was long gone, he had a degree to his name and he was one of the directors at a really big manufacturing company.

Truly, anyone can be a success no matter where you are or what odds are against you. If you would only look out for a human need and produce a marketable solution for that human need.


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